Handicraft Findings

Handicraft findings is a refreshing change in the land of cement and other effects of conurbation. They provide an ethnic look and an earthy touch to our living and our looks. This blog is about my love for handicraft findings and how they are my rescue in an otherwise monotonous life.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Handicraft Findings and Conurbation

My love for handicraft findings often takes me to places far off towards the East, Middle East, Africa and Southern America. And wherever I go, I always make it a point that I collect some of the locally made handicraft jewellery and keep it in my collection. There is something distinct about the handicraft findings and quite obviously the handicraft findings of one place are quite different from other places. The difference is not just in continents or amongst countries, even the neighbouring villages have a difference in their hand crafted jewellery.

Not just jewellery, i have also collected some handicraft findings for my home and my garden. It is amazing to see such beautiful objects in my garden when I am enjoying my morning tea or evening walk inside my little green patch. In a life, which is otherwise hectic and surrounded by conurbation, my soul gets famished to see some difference, something fresh. And handicraft findings is the key to happy surroundings in such situations.